Christmas gifts for travellers
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Christmas gift ideas for travel lovers

Travellers are notoriously difficult to buy for. They get their kicks from experiences rather than material goods, so what can you get them that won’t literally cost the earth? Here’s my pick of the best Christmas gift ideas for travellers in 2016.

  1. Personalised travel vouchers
    Credit to Tim for this one – he has often given me homemade vouchers promising money towards flights, my choice of excursion or a weekend away. We even had scuba/snorkel vouchers given to us as a wedding gift (find out how we got on in my Thailand posts here). Just design your voucher using your computer, print it out and pop it in an envelope – you can even download my Holiday voucher template here. It will make a great Christmas present to spend during the January holiday sales.
  2. Travel money
    If you know where your loved one is headed next, why not exchange some money in to the local currency so they can spend it how they want when they get there? The best bit is you can choose how much to give to fit your budget.
  3. Destination guidebooks
    There is a huge range of books available dedicated to individual travel destinations, but my pick of the bunch is one that isn’t limited to just one place. Lonely Planet’s The World spends 2-3 pages on every country in the world, with tips on when and where to go. Warning: Their bucket list will get a whole lot longer after reading this book…
  4. Map poster
    A map should be a staple item in every traveller’s home. One of the most popular maps at the moment is Luckies Scratch Map where you can scratch off the countries you’ve already visited. However, my favourite is a standard GB eye map of the world that you can use stickers, pins or post-its to show both where you’ve been and where you want to go. Amazon have even put together a handy bundle with map, pin board and pins all included for under £15.
  5. Desk globe
    Just like the map, they can use a desk globe to help plan their next trip, but why not go for one a bit out of the ordinary? This chalkboard globe will let them highlight countries to add to their bucket list, or plan a round the world itinerary (that’s what I’ll be using mine for!)
  6. Photo gifts
    If your loved one spends most of their time away glued to their camera, why not turn one of their photos into something they can treasure forever? Photobox has a huge range of photo gifts from books, canvas prints, magnets and calendars.
  7. Luggage tag
    Help them survive the conveyor belt rush in airports with a stand out luggage tag, like this wooden one from the Maria Allen Boutique. You can even personalise it to make sure there’s no confusion over whose case is whose.
  8. Travel Journal
    What better way to help them remember their trips than a travel journal? I love this Personalised Travel Memory Book from Hannah Lloyd that has pockets for you to fill with entrance tickets, maps and postcards.
  9. Travel wash bag
    A wash bag is one of those travel essentials that people often forget about, or just make do with an old plastic bag. Those people have clearly never seen these travel inspired wash bags by Lovely Jubbly! Practical but stylish, they make a great gift for people that like to keep their shampoo where it belongs and not all over their clothes.
  10. iTunes/Google Play voucher
    If they take mobile devices away with them, buy them a voucher and let them pick a movie, book or album to get them through their next journey. I guarantee they’ll love you for it!


You’d be forgiven for thinking this is just my own personal wish list, because it is! Tim take note.

What’s on your Christmas list? What do you normally buy for your traveller buddies?


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