Point. Shoot. Done. I’ll admit it – that used to be my mantra when it came to travel photography. I’d argue I was far too busy enjoying myself to find the perfect angle, set the exposure or even take anything half decent. But then I realised photos are quite often the only thing left after the memories fade. To me now, it’s so important to be able to take photos I’m proud of and want to keep looking at. If you agree, try some of the travel photography tips in this post to see the difference it makes! Find a new perspective It… View Post

My parents freaked out when I said I was going to Istanbul. Hell, even I freaked out when I said I was going to Istanbul. I had paid far too much attention to news of the city’s recent terrorist attacks that, in the weeks before my trip, I was questioning my sanity even more than I was questioning “is Istanbul safe?” Well, my friends, I’m still alive aren’t I? Is Istanbul safe now? It’s true that Turkey has had more than its fair share of atrocities in recent years – from an attack in a nightclub, to bombs at Ataturk… View Post

Turkey’s biggest city has got a lot going for it. Stunning architecture, friendly faces and more than enough to keep you going for a long weekend. Let me share my advice on how to spend 48 hours in Istanbul. After a quick three and a half hour hop over Europe from London, I arrived in Istanbul on a fabulously sunny Friday morning. I was excited (if a little trepidatious) as to what I might see and the people I might meet (the Turkish referendum was happening the very weekend we were there!) but as usual, I had nothing to worry about.… View Post

This time last year, I returned from Copenhagen in complete awe of the locals and the way they do things. Throughout my trip, I kept a list of all the things the Danes seemed to do better than anyone else. Here’s what I found: Carbon neutral cities. Copenhagen has a desire to become completely carbon neutral by 2025, and I bet it’s going to make it. Unusual for a country that relies on heating, it has managed to keep its impact on the environment right down and should be applauded for doing so Sandwiches. Only Denmark could come up with such a… View Post

Imagine Greece and you’ll probably think of a stunning Greek island and beach. Or if you’re a city lover like me, you’ll picture Athens and its glorious ancient sights. In either case, I bet your imagination has conjured up bright blue cloudless skies and searing temperatures. Oh, and don’t forget the crowds of tourists all gently baking in the sunshine. Now, imagine those same Greek scenes in winter. Make you shiver? It shouldn’t do… there are loads of things to do in Athens in Winter, and they shouldn’t just be reserved for summer. What is Athens like in Winter? Should I… View Post